GemPharmatech and Charles River Laboratories Sign Exclusive Agreement to Distribute Next Generation NCG Portfolio

July 26, 2022

(July 26, 2022 - Wilmington, DE) In order to bring new cutting-edge research models to the market to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics for a host of unmet medical needs, particularly in immuno-oncology, GemPharmatech (GemPharmatech Co., Ltd.) announced that it has entered into a strategic license agreement with Charles River Laboratories, Inc. for exclusive distribution of its next generation NOD CRISPR Prkdc Il2r gamma (NCG) mouse lines in North America. Charles River will establish foundation colonies with models to be commercially available beginning in 2023.

Based on this agreement, GemPharmatech will provide its proprietary NCG derivative product line to Charles River for breeding and distribution in designated markets. The NCG derivative product line is one of the most comprehensive portfolio of immunodeficient research models available. NCG-based mice are ideal for preclinical cancer immunotherapy research using cell derived xenograft (CDX), patient derived xenograft (PDX), immune system reconstitution using human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), as well as human hematopoietic stem cells (HSC). Charles River is already the exclusive distributor of NCG mice in North America, and this agreement provides Charles River with an expanded portfolio of next generation NCG models.

“GemPharmatech has created a large collection of proprietary mouse models. The immune-deficient NCG mouse models provide valuable tools for supporting drug development and preclinical studies,” said Dr. Xiang Gao, Founder and Chairman of GemPharmatech, Ltd. “GemPharmatech’s NCG product line includes mouse models having various combinations of modifications in B cell, T cell, NK cells and cytokine signaling pathways that offer researchers broad options in evaluating drug targets, efficacy and treatment processes,” said Dr. Mark Moore, President and CEO of GemPharmatech LLC, a US subsidiary of GemPharmatech Co., Ltd.

“Charles River values novel research models created by GemPharmatech and is thrilled to open access to these models in North America through our expansive commercial and distribution networks,” said David Leroux-Petersen, Corporate Vice President of CRL North America Research Models & Services.

“We already have collaborations with GemPharmatech on a number of humanized mouse models, and this new collaboration on the NCG line will provide investigators with greater access to GemPharmatech’s innovative technologies and products benefiting drug discovery and preclinical research,” added Dr. Steve Festin, CRL Senior Director of Scientific and Commercial Development.

About GemPharmatech

GemPharmatech is a leading provider of animal models and services to the global preclinical R&D community. GemPharmatech specializes in developing innovative animal models using cutting-edge gene-editing technologies and has an impressive portfolio of genetically engineered mouse models that includes knockout (KO), conditional KO (cKO), humanized, immunodeficient, and germ-free mice. GemPharmatech is also a trusted provider of preclinical services, which include custom mouse model generation, preclinical efficacy services, enrollment screenings, and customized breeding. GemPharmatech has developed one of the world's largest collections of mouse models to enable scientific innovation and accelerate drug development. 


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